We review the new single by Bosola – Me on a Good Day

Newcastle trio Bosola return with their latest offering ‘Me on a Good Day‘, and we can confirm it’s an anthem with a confident arrangement.

Straight off the news that they’re announcing a new EP called ‘Thomas & Judas’, the new single speaks about existential dread and loss of faith. Exploring themes of detachment from the existential offerings of the modern world, the track shifts through songwriter Cox’s neurotic agnosticism, rejection of empty offerings of consumerism and romance.

“Me on a Good Day” is bathed with intricate melodies and a visionary message that may leave you questioning your whole existence, but once you’ve moved past that part, you’ll enjoy the music.

Whilst the instrumentation and arrangement are quite easy-listening and easy to guide through, the message is somewhat complicated and feels a bit too philosophical to enjoy the full meaning.

Nevertheless, this fine single will still find its way onto your playlist and not leave it anytime soon. A track that could give The Manic Street Preachers a run for their money, Bosola are one of those bands you encounter that never leave your mind.

Not having a great day? Stick this track on and see how the tables turn!