Ed Cosens is a very talented and experienced singer/songwriter. Playing a big role in the local Sheffield band “Reverend and the makers”, he has recently been releasing his own music as well.

“What Would You Do?” shows Cosens’ skills in composition. Displaying a certain sophistication behind the echoey instrumentation. Fairly simplistic lyrics, especially in the chorus, isn’t an issue due to the number of intricate instrumentals. It’s three minutes and twenty three seconds of suited up swagger.

Starting out with pounding drums, and old western sounding guitar, and a haunting organ. The song quickly moves into the laid-back verse. Bringing forward the vocals and bass in exchange for every other instrument. Although a lot of the song is very bare-bones in many aspects, it gives you everything you need for a good dance. Showing off ideas from some of his songs in “Reverend and the makers”, as well as the reverb drowned vocals and simplicity of albums like “AM”.

As I’ve stated a few times now, I think one of the downfalls of the track is the simplicity. Although the instrumental has a lot coming in and out and variations on the ideas, I think it could use a little more to start on. This is brought forward if you listen to the guitar in the verses. It really outlines the two chords the entire song is built on.

Although this is an issue in the verse, I think the chorus does really well to mask it with the choice of instrumentation and new lines in those instruments. Also, the vocals and lyricism is fantastic as always from Cosens. It really brings back the issues I have with the simplicity, creating a strong focus and great power throughout.

Overall, the song is still a fantastic listen. If you have any love for Sheffield music, this track does well to encapsulate ideas from a lot of the bands Ed is surrounded with. Bringing in ideas from modern “Milburn” tracks, his work in “Reverend and the makers” as well as the clear comparisons to the album “AM”. The track does great to show off his own sound while displaying his influences on his sleeve. I’m very excited to hear where he ends up next, whether on his own or back with his band.

Catch him live on 19th November in Sheffield HERE