Lust is the newest single from this Oxford-based artist, consisting of smooth grooves and classic instrumentation.

Incorporating slow, deep, brooding vocals, this single boasts a swagger-filled emotional ride. The instrumentation and style of playing is filled with inspiration pulled straight out of 80s pop. To describe this song in a sentence – Calm, inspired guitar licks in between sweet voices with a steady drum beat.

Unfortunately, something that infects my mind so often during the chorus, is the similarities to other songs. It makes me think of between Night Changes by One Direction and at the end I get the urge to go into I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Although these similarities don’t take away a lot from the final product, it still is somewhat distracting when you want the song to move in another direction due to the catchiness of them.

This track is an excellent show as to the talent behind this artist, however. Perfectly implementing Elvis-esque vocals over a smooth, swag filled beat.

On the whole, this new single has caught my attention. The underlying skill, songwriting talent and sheer charisma behind the suave nature of the song is nothing to sniff at. Although I bet this would be excellent seen live, it isn’t something I could see myself returning to without singing over it comedically with the songs I mentioned before.