FAERS, out of London, are a five-piece indie band embracing the sounds of electronic music and instrumentation. Taking inspiration from bands like The Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle Club, while adapting into the new electronic wave of music.

Starting out with a steady, destructive drum pattern, this song shows off its style from the get go. Small pieces of floaty electronic parts over the top to solidify the modern sound.

Although fairly simple parts, they all combine to piece together the puzzle that the song feels to create. Differently patterned parts, strangely combining instruments and fun written melodies mix into a fantastic concoction which would seem strange without each intricate detail.

One of the downfalls of the track is the way some of the parts are written. For example, in the chorus, there is a guitar part that would fit perfectly in the style these guys are influenced by. But in this electronic and simplistic track it fits uneasily on top, maybe just needing some simplification or even making the other parts fit along with it.

On the whole, this track moves to it’s own beat, in the best way possible. Taking a very unique approach to indie pop styled music. With the introduction of more and more electronic sounds that can be made with modern instruments, these guys have got on board and made it their own. A true mixture of old and new to create something dynamic and dancey.