We Review The New Single By From The Tiger’s Mouth – Wall Of Sound

One of the most delightful indie-pop anthems is finally here in the form of the new single by From The Tiger’s Mouth, Wall Of Sound.

The London-based artist directs heavy drum and bass guitar focus in steady verses with bursts of energetic choruses which in themselves feel like a wall of sound.

It’s the kind of track where every aspect is notched up that little bit more as it progresses whether it’s the guitar or addictive synth riff additions or the tempo in the bridge, it’s a track with variety in both its timing and instrument placement.

The compressed vocals in the bridge are a nice touch with early Placebo vibes and take the electronic part of the band in another direction. The dainty synth notes throughout this track are what will attract you first and with good reason. It is pure indie energy mixed with pop sounds.

The emphasis on the overall build-up of the track really pays off in its final chorus which also sums up the overall catchy songwriting and consumer engagement. It’s a very easy-going track at the same time as it is energetic and the accessibility and familiarity in its electronic-focused songwriting gives From The Tiger’s Mouth plenty of room to absorb a fan base.

The anthemic piece is certainly an attraction to younger listeners, but what we’re hearing so far from their upcoming EP, is very pleasing to the ears. Whilst the song’s lyrical themes are a lockdown-written ode to joy to drinking culture and next-day regrets, in 2022 it fits in nicely once again to our relatable daily lives.