We Review The New Single By Jatayu – Restless

From the Eastern-Coastal plains of India comes the sonic sounds of Jatayu and their new single, Restless.

It’s amazing to say this late on in 2021 we are still receiving amazing music. From the moment you press play you are absorbed into the erratic drum beats, wailing guitars, and soothing vocal stylings that Jatayu has to offer.

The instrumentation is hypnotic with the fast-paced drum patterns scattering around and sliding guitar notes providing a jazz-rock combo. The vocals are so soft and dreamy that their modern-jazz stylings are the perfect model for a solid and experimental piece.

The instrumental break with a funk popping bass guitar and lightly played pianos are a smooth break. That doesn’t mean that drumming is going away anywhere. Restless moves forward from its rock beginnings in a funk direction as the guitars take a backseat and the bass becomes the lead instrument.

The lyrics give you that of its title, restless feelings. A “fire that burns inside of me” gives you the feeling of something ready to burst out of your skin and you can’t relax.

On the other hand, this piece is very relaxing despite there being layers of different instrumentation in different time signatures doing their own thing. In a beautiful jazz way, it all comes together brilliantly.