Jonny Brown is the guitarist and frontman for the band Twisted Wheel. Going in a solo direction to allow the freedom, he has released a series of three singles.

“Counting On You & I” is the newest song from Jonny, combining the well written work he has done with Twisted Wheel, with a wildly different sonic direction. Moving away from the fast and hard vocal style and instrumentation, to a more laid back and floaty vibe.

Playing a lot with rhythm and new instrumentation, this track focuses a lot on the minute details in the back. With a very static track in terms of rhythm and harmonics, the main ideas pushed to the front of your mind are the different dynamic elements. For example, different shifts in instrumentation, drop outs of other instruments and differently played pieces of the same ideas. This means the song can come off as fairly repetitive, but it avoids being too obvious with it by shifting that focus.

I would personally have liked to see a little more variation, especially in the vocal area. The ideas seem fairly static and set where I’d have liked more little nuances to be changed between verses or choruses. Maybe pushing some different melodies or small changes to the melody that are more obvious.

I don’t have an issue with the main solid rhythm sticking around as long as you can justify it, and I think this song attempts that but doesn’t have enough fluxes to push it through the four and a half minute run time it sits at.

Overall, this song is a solid sounding tune. It just is not a tune you can listen to repeatedly though and definitely not one I will listen to again for a while.

Holding the same ideas throughout a full song is hard to do, and having the song run four minutes long is unreasonable in my eyes for such a simple back and forth. Like I said, changing a little more than the instrumentation and moving the melody around could really help with this issue.