Judy Granville is an artist from Hove, bringing the sounds of bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Dandy Warhols back to the light. With tracks that feel like home due to their roughness and feeling like a late night pub, Judy has definitely got a unique sound.

As previously stated, “I’ll survive” is like walking into a pub and you’d hear the local band playing a song you should hate, but all the pieces make you like it. Pulling together the strange, obvious lyrics and awkward vocal delivery is the memories of family karaokes and pub crawls. I think a lot of the vocal issues could be solved with more confidence and moving it back a little in the mix.

The issue is shown especially when you have talented pieces being played in the background. Personally, I love the instrumentation and the track without the vocals. So it is strange to me that they have been brought so far forward into focus. The song is excellently written in terms of guitar and bass, bringing a swaying swagger that is ready to pull you in. As well as the drums having a fantastic groove and dancey quality, it brings a lot to the track that is unbelievably slick and chilled out.

Another issue, as I said, is the lyrical content. Unfortunately, a lot of the lyrics seem very standard and expected. The chorus does a bit better than the verses do for this, but still the last line seems very bizarre and difficult to follow. With lyrics like “gimme high five, i’ll find another lover” it is very hard to take seriously. By now, I’m sure you can understand the idea behind me saying it is a family karaoke.

Overall, I’d say the track has all the ingredients to be fantastic, just the vocals drag it down. The instrumentation and techniques in the band are fantastic. I’d be excited to hear this type of music with a bit more confidence behind the vocals and less awkwardly sitting lyrics.