Laila Barakat is a young artist from Canada. Starting with music at a young age, she has recently released this track to poke fun at the ideals behind Hollywood. A lot of inspiration is taken from Olivia Rodrigo, from the instrumentation to the fairly simplistic lyrical content.

This track works to combine a lot of elements that are popular at the moment, and succeeds very well with it. Firstly, the instrumentation highlighting the percussive tracks in this modern trap/pop style. Although it may sound generic and reused, it fits the style to parody the popular things in media. Using very little instrumentation past vocals, percussion and faint sounds in the background allows the lyrical content to be the focal point throughout.

As I’ve mentioned, the track is a poke at the idea of Hollywood. With the main line of “We never needed Hollywood” I think it’s fairly self-explanatory. Talking about how the media tends to target insecure people and tell them to change themselves; this track attempts to tackle these ideas and showing the idea of Hollywood is downright harmful.

Overall, this track is excellent. Despite a strange vocal cut around the 1:05 mark, this track is perfectly mixed. The songwriting talent from such a young artist is unbelievably great, and does great to encapsulate the modern sound. I would definitely recommend this track to fans of Olivia Rodrigo or Lorde.