We Review The New Single By Leo Clarke – All Things To Somebody

London-based Leo Clarke displays value and worth in humanity in his versatile new single, All Things To Somebody.

Whether it’s the delightful drum-beat, glistening synths, or the smooth brass section, All Things To Somebody emits positivity and sunshine.

Clarke’s soft vocals dreamily melt into the picked guitars and bouncy bass guitar. The whole instrumental contribution is one of the most uplifting scores of music this reviewer has heard in a long time.

The track blends together jazz, soul, and psychedelic rock to create an aura of relaxation and freeing emotion.

With its instant burst of lead notes from the brass and synths, it’s the kind of track you want to revisit as soon as it’s over. The lead riff feels like a cloud being ripped open on a Summer’s day and we’re lapping in the overdue rain.

Clarke’s lyrics discuss a person’s worth being much more than where their wallets lie. Respectfully, it’s a nice step away in a capitalist society where we most likely forget what real value is.

It’s all in all a smooth and well-educated piece of music both lyrically and instrumentally and continues to explore with its variety of instruments right until the fade out. That ending brass section which you can feel all over your body will stay with you long after the track has finished.