Liam Gallagher doesn’t really require much of an introduction. Out of possibly the biggest band in the world, Oasis, recently delving into solo stuff and maintaining his status.

Everything’s Electric” is a nostalgic nod to the Oasis days, whilst keeping Liam’s style moving and shifting. The first thing to notice is the classic vocals from Liam Gallagher, quite a divisive voice compared to most. One of the biggest downfalls of his tracks are definitely the vocal delivery. Being quite bland and whiny, it makes it hard to listen to a lot of the song. It is definitely down to preference but I think he could do much better with lowering the vocals in his songs.

However, this changes for the better in the chorus, when there is a more falsetto voice and a confidence behind it that changes the delivery entirely. This is a catchy song for the most part, with a solid foundation, great instrument choices, and a fantastically catchy chorus. Up to the standards of Liam Gallagher’s older tracks, it is definitely up there as one of the best overall.

All in all, this track is a great mix of the old feeling of Britpop’s height as well as the new age of music. Being one of Liam’s highlights during his solo career, he has done well here. However, one thing that always keeps me from Liam’s music is his vocals, and due to there not being much improvement in the past however many years of him singing, I’m quite disappointed.