We review the new single by Louisa Maria – Not Haunted By You

Holding a strong head on its shoulders and simply giving a middle finger up to past relationships, ‘Not Haunted By You‘ keeps the Halloween spirit going by looking back at your ex and feeling strong.

Holding onto an ‘I’m over you’ persona, this is the sort of track that will help you get through the hard times simply because of its inspiring nature. Using her own personal experiences to create relatable music for the world, Louisa Maria had spent the year writing soppy love songs, and then came ‘Not Haunted By You’.

Best known for her role as the lead vocalist and guitarist in power rock trio Tequila Mockingbyrd, Louisa Maria now takes centre stage in her most empowering track to date. Portraying a ballad style soundscape, the commercial pop ready songwriting could easily top the charts.

The only thing that makes the song feel slightly watered down is how it plays it safe with the pop production. Not gripping your attention because it’s been done many times before, it’s Louisa’s vocals and melody that will keep you along for the ride.

An expressive single that uses sensual lyrics and hooks to leave your mind wandering, ‘Not Haunted By You’ is adventurous.