We review the new single by Luke Spark – The Riddle

‘An Elton John-esque ballad with a modern twist’. That’s how Bristol singer-songwriter describes his brand new single ‘The Riddle’ and, to be honest, he’s not that far off.

Beginning as a stripped-back duet between Spark and the piano, the track builds and builds until you are met with an all-out folk-pop ballad, fit with winding melodies, complimenting strings, and buoyant harmonies.

On an initial listen, you may question what Spark meant when he said this song had a ‘modern twist’. Musically it doesn’t sound outlandish in comparison to the folk-pop that has preceded it.

However, it’s in the words, Luke explains, where the modern take lies. Here, you will discover his commentary on the culture-induced ‘toxic masculinity’. 

He discussed the song, saying “Everyone knows how men, at least most of them, find it difficult to open up emotionally and, instead, they bottle things up. That usually leads to a lot of hidden suffering, which is destructive to them and to the people around them, like their partners, children, friends, etc. In my song, I explore the perspective and experience of those people.”.

It’s encouraging to see someone using their platform to openly bring about topics that are often brushed under the carpet. Arguably, it’s the biggest selling point and the most commendable element of the single. Spark is being open in his music, and that certainly doesn’t do it any harm.

Give ‘The Riddle’ a listen, and let us know what you think!