We Review The New Single By Marseille – State Of Mind

Derby indie rockers, Marseille take you on a dreamy journey in their latest single, State Of Mind.

The opening guitar licks and tone are enchanting with an element of dreampop to them. There’s no rush for the vocals to come in like a track from the first Stone Roses album.

As soon as we reach the vocals though, it does feel as though we have been transported back thirty years to the early days of Britpop.

The group clearly takes a lot of influence from the Manchester music scene both vocally and instrumentally, but the sound the band produces certainly has an indie flare that’s relaxing.

State Of Mind by no means has the exploration and creativity that a Stone Roses track had, but for those of you that have been searching for that band that captures song structures of that style, you may have found it in Marseille.

The major downside to this track is that it doesn’t really go anywhere after three and a half minutes where you would expect a bridge transition. Thinking of the piece from a dream pop perspective, there is a lot of consistency in a guitar riff, but that extra minute and a half don’t add anything new to the piece.

It almost feels like you could hit stop at any point from three minutes and that would be fine. At the same time, it is an enjoyable indie track that plays on the simplicities of melodic guitar music.

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