Martin Callingham, from Bristol, is a talented singer/songwriter. Specialising in slow, intimate songs, he has crafted a reputation with numerous radio and magazines.

This track starts with only a few instruments, with a slow build. Bringing in your attention for the sombre vocals. Keeping this calm, folky style creates a gorgeous setting for the vocals to work between. The vocals give such a strong sense of defeat, the emotion given from them is truly outstanding. With simplistic instrumental parts working intensifying around the track as it goes on, the track never stops building until the end. Guitars, dipping in and out to play solos as if the guitars are replying to the vocals. Although they may not be technically difficult parts, they are done to fit the song and I love it.

Lyrically, the song is fairly simplistic as well but still fits the sombre tone. For example in the line “They’ve covered the exits” gives off a sense of being trapped which Is reiterating on that same idea from the start with “Slow shore inching”. They both create a melancholic sense of dread and inevitable downfalls. The ideas played with are nothing short of depressing, and it is great.

Overall, this song is extremely well done, from composition to lyrical work, to (ESPECIALLY) the vocals. It is one I will come back and listen to frequently. Excited to hear the rest of the album releasing later this year!