We review the new single by Moretti – D’ya Care

A track that jives its way into your life with confidence and attitude, ‘D’ya Care?‘ is armed with euphoric vocals and melodies.

Breathtakingly original, the instrumentation plays the safe game, whilst the vocals and melodies definitely draws you in further as the track progresses. Detailing the story of accepting the journey you are on in life, the track nudges towards fate and how no matter how we try to drive our life in a specific direction, our journey has already made up its mind.

Incorporating everything that Moretti are about, ‘D’ya Care‘ features a huge sound that could instantly feel a stadium. Whilst the lyrics aren’t complicated and very simplistic, the big chorus will still bury its way into your brain and you won’t be singing anything else for the foreseeable future.

Recorded at Moorcroft Studios, the production gives the band a unique live sound which also nudges artists such as Oasis, Blink 182 and The Stone Roses.

Hearing a subtle pop-punk vibe to the tight harmonies and arrangement, the track is prominently indie rock with the indie side prominently shining through.

Overall, the track isn’t that adventurous but it still grips your gaze to wherever the band will go next. I’m excited to hear how Moretti evolve into legends.