Muster is an alt-rock artist from Argentina. Citing as inspiration, the brit-pop movement of bands like Oasis and Blur. However giving more of a Dandy Warhols sound to people.

This album begins with the fundamentals that Muster wants to give to people. With Simplistic riffs on a synth organ sound and fairly simple guitar following those ideas. Joining those is a shouty, strong vocal line throughout. These ideas are all shown throughout the album, with the main guitars never being too complex, the vocals being ready to grab your attention.

One of the places this differs for a short while is in the track “Una canción”. Simply meaning “A Song”, showing the brit-pop influences a lot more clearly than most of the other songs. It really sounds like an alternate universe where early Manchester/Liverpool bands were all from Argentina. Which is truly a great accomplishment to get a sound so close to mimic those giants so perfectly.

A few of the things throughout this album that I’m confused by is the instrumentation in some places. For example, at the start of “Tras tus pasos”, using a strange wobbly synth with drums make sit sound like we are in for a techno track almost. And throughout the song there are hints of strange instrumentation that don’t quite fit.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is an excellent use of instrumentation on the track immediately after the one just mentioned. On the track “Encontrar tu mundo”, there is a fantastic, breathtaking use of brass instruments which fits so perfectly against the setting he creates in the background. Especially moving toward the solo of the song, doing a call and response between the guitar and brass parts. It makes you want to get up and dance.

There are a lot of things like this on the album, clearly as it being a group of demos that he supposedly wrote years and years ago, it is understandable. But the difference between some tracks, the strange choice of instrumentation in some places and then some tracks feeling a bit underdone, it doesn’t fit a great experience overall. A lot of these tracks are outstanding but if you put gold amongst bronze, it makes the bronze look a lot more like dirt.

Overall, the album as a whole is quite disappointing. With an artist who has written the songs “Vengan”, “Una canción”, and “Encontrar tu mundo” it hurts more to say I’m disappointed. When you have a lot of great aspects in some songs, and excellently written other songs, you need to keep the energy the same throughout. By either fully fleshing out the ideas of other tracks, or just replacing them with other songs. I’m impressed by the talent portrayed, but simultaneously praying they aren’t flukes.