Nature of Wires are an Electronic act from Manchester. Starting out in 1986, with a 20-year hiatus after 1994, they have come back within the last few years to give it another go. Bringing their many skills into one group, they are ready to get back into it.

From an initial listen, this track could really use the bass coming forward a lot more. The impact is heavily hurt without this driving force for the melody to work over.

Fortunately, the vocal work is really refined and the harmonies throughout work extremely well. Going into the chorus, the melody played on the synth works very well to join the vocals. Lyrically, the song seems to be a hopeful look forward and pissed-off reflection of actions they had taken in the past.

This track suffers a lot from a lack of low end in the bass or drums, which are usually the focal point of electronic music. Within the second verse, it plays a bit more with this idea, adding a wobbly electric bass in. But still not to the extent the track needs to build up the texture.

The melodies played on almost all the instruments are catchy and could be fantastic with a mix that includes them more. I’m not sure if it wants to be a track you can dance to or one you can relax to. Either way, it rides that line in an awkward way.

Overall, I would say this track has all the right ideas, just executed slightly wrong in some places. It is definitely still worth a listen to see those ideas in motion though.