We review the new single by One Cure For Man – Too Many Songs

Back with his newest single ‘Too Many Songs, James Parkinson aka the mastermind behind project One Cure For Man is just getting started. Sounding quite vulnerable in the verses, the choruses are reassured with a strong narrative and a guiding light. Musically, the piece unfolds with melancholic piano, stunning vocal lines and haunting string arrangements.

Detailing a hard-hitting subject that most musicians encounter in their career, ‘Too Many Songs’ doesn’t just talk about the struggle to write a song with meaning, depth and emotion, but also the struggle to get people to actually listen to it. If you’re at the beginning of your career and don’t have many creative angles to go out with, it’s hard to get noticed.

Quite outdated in places with an 80s conscious, the track may sound like it would have been better suited in yesteryear, but it still carries a lot of emotion relevant to today. Imagine Manic Street Preachers with the grace of Suede, and you’ll find One Cure For Man.

Starting quite simple but ending up in the same vein as ballads from different decades, this track feels like an instant classic.