Spangled are a brand new band coming out of Manchester. With a very Manchester sound and fun lyrics, this band could be on their way up and quick.

Combining strong guitar riffs with the patterns and dancey instrumentation, this track aims to get you on your feet. Starting very slowly, this track ramps up with witty and youthful lyrics to accompany the simplistic riffs. The vocal delivery is deliberate and fun, I think it’s a big point in the band’s favour, allowing them to have the emotion the rest of the band puts out.

Moving into the Brit-pop sounding chorus, the band has a smooth drum fill into it that links the two sounds with precision. During this section are some new instrumentation choices for the background, allowing a cool variation between the two segments. Filling out more each time the chorus comes up, adding together the fantastic guitar tone and a spacey synth.

Having the solo be a brass instrument changes the script that most bands go with. Adding the emotion the track was asking for in the solo, having it carry on behind a chorus as well, and blending it is a great choice to keep the song moving. The track ends out with a great few variations where the lead guitar gets a small chance to slap in some noise before the end.

Overall, this track has a great flow to it. Pushing the simplistic verses and smooth vocals into the brit-pop chorus and traditional singing, I think shows a great way to bring brit-pop into a new frame. These guys have some fantastic potential and if this is anything to go by then I’m excited to hear their debut EP!