We Review The New Single By Sunday Hunter’Bleeding Hearts Club

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Sunday Hunter produces alternative hyper-pop music with incredible music influences. You wouldn’t think this artist was influenced by Frank Zappa, but she is – honing her craft as a solo artist with experimental influences in places, the new single from Sunday Hunter is titled ‘Bleeding Hearts Club’.

The second release from the Australian songstress was written and produced entirely by Sunday – and I don’t mean the day, I mean the artist! Further mixed and mastered by Jason Millhouse from Recordworks Studios, the track centres around a hypothetical club formed by people who share the same opinions on society.

Armed with synth melodies that could leave a stadium dancing along, Sunday’s vocals are haunting and brooding, creating a stunning dark-pop backdrop.

The introduction is a lot darker than the actual song – beginning with an ominous, sinister fashion, the track progresses into a dance-pop infused contender that could give Charli XCX a run for her money.

In places, it feels like the track’s a bit darker than it was meant to be. The lyrical content also speaks about corporations and politicians that feed themselves money – it feels a whole lot more political then intended. Saying that, I truly think this track is putting Sunday Hunter ahead of the game and I’m excited to hear how her music progresses.