Supera Morza are a new wave grunge / punk band from Manchester. Pulling together inspiration from Nirvana and The Pixies among many others, the band aims to join the new post-punk type genre.

This track is a fury filled, energetic adventure from start to finish. Following many different lines and arcs. Starting with the simple riff heard throughout, and slamming in with the vocals is the rest of the insanely animated instruments. Although a lot of this song is simplistic at its core, you cant help but want to jump around to this.

Around the 1:30 mark, you can hear the grunge influence take full hold with a melodic guitar and smooth lyrical delivery in the vein of Nirvana’s days. The dynamic between the different styles of vocals on this track are just there to amaze, dropping from the calm, whispered voice to the angered, destructive shouts is a fantastic tool.

Another thing to note on this track is the fantastic use of instrumentation. Drums consistently hitting right where you need them to, to allow a beat to jump around to. Followed by the simple riff played on the bottom end, and the erratic lead guitar over top taking control of the sound. This combination is put together with precision and care to allow for carelessness.

Overall, this track is a well constructed, multilayered masterpiece. However, it is absolutely a song I would need to hear live, as if it is played half as good as this, this band could be headed straight to the top. I could not recommend this track any more, especially if you are into any of the influences mentioned.