Sweethearts are a new face in the resurgence of 90’s rock. Bringing together sounds of The Pixies, The Stone Roses and Weezer. With laid back vocals and over effected guitars, it is very reminiscent of the era they aim to replicate.

“she called me sweetheart” puts together all the right elements. Starting out with just guitar and vocals in order to build up. The vocal performance have used a bit of work and given a much more laid back vibe during that section as when the instruments kick in, the vocals stay more or less the same. However, the lyricism is great, using a lot of the mad metaphor and weird wordplay you want from these kind of tracks.

Next, the instrumentation used throughout this track is fantastic. With the slow build up, it allows a fair amount of time to familiarise yourself with each of the instruments and their parts. Especially the guitar during the solo, showing the 90s influence shining through again.

Although it is a slow build up, the song doesn’t take too much time on any certain thing. Moving swiftly between the different parts and showing off all there is to offer with the song without making it stale.

Overall, I’d say with ideas like these, this band could come forward and smash it out of the park. With a bit of work dedicated to slower vocal performances and perhaps moving the bass line a bit more, the songs can only get better from here. Hopefully they will continue releasing at the current rate as I’m interested to see how they adapt their sound for modern listeners.