Hailing from Leeds, The Banquets are a bluesy, pop rock band along the same vein as bands like Fleetwood Mac or Florence and the Machine.

This track is a very simple but effective, relaxing song. Going much more in the Fleetwood Mac style, with very laid back and traditional instrumentation. This allows a much more intimate feel from the song, and a lot more focus to be held on the lyrics. Unfortunately, despite the song being four minutes and seventeen seconds, there is very little differentiation between the sections, having a really set back and forth structure.

This issue is really only a problem due to the length of the song without changing much noticeable, as well as the vocal pattern staying the same. It creates a fatigue from hearing the same thing over and over. Which in some songs can be done well with different segments having new instruments brought in at a fairly loud volume.

Another issue is the lead guitar, it should be brought forward a bit to bounce back with the vocal line more without taking the light away from them. Having this lovely toned guitar just sit far behind the mix is a huge waste of opportunity. It should be one of the focuses, and would definitely help break up the song a lot more.

On the whole, this track does a great job at getting all the pieces right. The main issue comes from the lack of individuality from the different sections and the poor use of mixing. I feel like with just a few minor tweaks, this track could be fantastic. But as it stands, it misses the mark in too many ways.