We review the new single by The Fades – People in General

Clearly stating that garage rock and post-punk have new icons in their neck of the wood, The Fades will become your go-to band when you’re needing a well-needed boost, or just a middle finger up to society – they’ve certainly become mine.

Back with their new single ‘People in General with Les ‘Fruitbat’ Carter, the new single tells a tale of two sides – which we love here at RGM. Describing what it feels like when you look at your phone, exposing you to bad news that social media can bring to the table, the track doesn’t just stop there with negative topics. Also describing when you go outside and encounter bad experiences with other humans, we all, at some stage, find ourselves just thinking ‘god, people suck sometimes!’

Forever relatable, the track is raging number against humankind and the realisation that you are part of that kind, ‘People in General‘ is mainly punk because of its attitude-infused nature. Reflected perfectly in the song, the track is fuelled with raucous rock riffs and aggressive vocals – what more could you possibly want?

If musicians being honest and feeling angry in places isn’t your thing, The Fades probably won’t be the perfect fit for you. If you do, well you’ve come to the right place.

Left wanting more? The Fades are to release a brand new album.