We review the new single by The Fullers – Unreal City

Taking their sound down a slightly different avenue, The Fullers combines indie rock elements with classical and folk motifs.

Falling into a soft rock category could leave them being described as nostalgic. At just under three minutes long, the track gains momentum by using different musical genres to convey their songwriting.

Inspired by the sadness concerning the demise of many UK seasides, and by the struggle of local businesses and culture, this track is relatable for thousands across the country.

Unreal City” is quite an affectionate single about loving your roots and where you come from, but the overall sound doesn’t initially grab you from the beginning.

A slow burner that needs some time for you to relate to, the track’s baroque pop sound feels slightly outdated in today’s industry. Saying that the way the band blends multiple genres to create their sound is completely diverse and unlike any other band you’ll hear nowadays.

There’s no denying this band are talented, ‘Unreal City‘ confirms that. It just feels in places that the track could have been produced or enhanced more to really get the meaning portrayed.