The Hilder are an indie rock band from Yorkshire, pulling together ingredients from bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975.

This new single does well to display the different elements this band does well. Waves of sparkly lead guitar pulling together very Catfish styled vocalisms. Classic indie drum beats that give the listener a nostalgia for the golden era of the genre.

With the shortness of the song, just under two minutes thirty, this track gets all the energy out in one fiery cannonball of pure indie goodness.

The band does insanely well to put together all these elements into such a short space of time. Creating a danceable and mosh style song, complete with a solo, and rounded edges.

On the whole, this song aims to push forward the new wave of the genre while leaning into the influences.

And although this works really well, it makes it hard for the band to sound unique, and puts them more under the category of “Just another catfish band”. Despite that, this track showcases the skills necessary to take it further and develop more of a unique style they can own.