We Review The New Single By Them Velvet Tongues

‘I Am The Drug’ – that’s one statement to call this addictive new offering. Whilst the instrumentation leans towards Manchester legends Oasis, the vocals are refreshingly original and nudge punk sensibilities.

The debut single from Them Velvet Tongues is unexpected and iconic – two words we love to use in the same sentence at RGM.

Soaring throughout with face-melting guitar riffs, hard-hitting harmonies and a sort of hip-hop swagger thrown in for an extra taste, the first single from this outfit is elevating and a great start to their career.

A commentary on the way leaders can use politics and religion as a drug to control the masses, the political infused number serves as a warning to reject false prophets.

A huge middle finger up to higher power, the song was inspired by cults such as the Manson family, Jonestown and more recently, the rise of Trump in the US.

Whether what side you’re on in politics, you’ll be able to relate to this infectious offering and be proud to support the release because Them Velvet Tongues are speaking their own truth. Any band that are honest to themselves are champions in our eyes.