Thomas Leary is an artist with a very musical background from Rockford, Illinois. This track seems to be combining many different genres into a big melting pot and crossing fingers that the outcome works.

“Gotta Wait” is a very surreal experience, at first either having timing issues or mixing issues with the piano. Wanting to go for this slick, cool exterior with the instrumentation and lyricism, but all of this is overshadowed instantly by the heavily auto tuned vocals. It takes away immediately from the best parts of this genre in the swanky, soulful voices. This track really doesn’t benefit from auto tune, even if the singing was not perfect, it would fit the style a lot better.

However the, perhaps, most bizarre part, is after all these strange mistakes and let downs, there is a great lyricist, cool melodies and overall great song hidden underneath the muck and scratches. A fair bit of fun instrumentation and call and response hits the ears nicely, a lot of small pieces that go unnoticed at first are impressive. I just wish the track was recorded, mixed and wrote with a delicate hand that could push these parts to the surface and work on sifting out the disappointments.

On the whole, I wouldn’t say this track is worth another listen for me. With the glaring mistakes it has, I would urge Thomas to get these tracks done professionally, and with some people to tell him no in places. The skeleton of this track is so strong, that with the rest of it being so misguided, it all seems bad at first glance.