Wyse is a producer bringing forth the alt rock in an effects driven and synth-filled flurry. With harsh, fiery verses and melodic, dreamy choruses, it combines a lot of ideas into one.

Not That Sorry” is a song from their new EP “Anomalies”. Showing the cards immediately with pounding bass and simple drum beat. Followed up with a fuzzy guitar to fill it out, the kind of stop and start nature of the guitar, instead of a full constant strum, brings a kind of AC/DC feel. Combined with the high guitar licks, it definitely has that American rock style.

Going towards the chorus, the track is submerged into a filter. The main focus here is the lyrical content, showing again the ideas of alt-rock rather than just classic rock. It really delves into the synth focused and effect deep ideas.

Continuing through this song, you can hear the many different elements stacking up. One of the things I’m not entirely sure on though, is the bass synth. It feels a bit out of place, especially as it is nearly just mirroring the original bass. The dynamic quality of it doesn’t quite mesh in my mind.

Overall, this song is quite a good impression from the band. Pulling together different elements like this can be hard, and doesn’t always work, but they have done a fine job here. Definitely one I’d like to see how they do live. It’d be an interesting gig.