We review the new single ‘Coat in the Hallway’ by The Confederation

Armed with a cinematic, theatrical vibe,Coat in the Hallway‘ is the latest single from The Confederation. Blending sonic textures and musical styles from all walks of life, The Confederation are a collective that doesn’t follow your typical rulebook.

At times it felt like my computer was playing two different songs at the same time to create this even bigger contrast, this could be interpreted in both ways. A bad way because it felt like at times the track clashed with different styles and the production felt slightly muddy. A good way though due to its diverse, unique sound – there’s nothing else like this out at the moment.

Recorded via online sessions while keeping a live performance feel, the track was further produced by Andrea Del Miglio. Dramatic in the best way possible, this is like something you’d hear at the end of a movie in the film credits where there’s a happy ending and everything went to plan.

A charismatic collective that I’ll definitely be keeping in my ears from this moment on – the diversity within their musical style is utterly gorgeous.