We review the new single ‘Come Alive’ by Prince Bishop

Durham based outfit Prince Bishop are known for their alt-rock raucous and shoegazing anthems best served on a good set of speakers of headphones. Returning with ambitious new release ‘Come Alive’, the euphoric adventure is a four-minute progressive single fuelled with soaring soundscapes and messages of positivity.

We always need positivity thrown in our faces and the way Prince Bishop do that is best described as empowering and motivational.

Multi-layered with nudges to nineties bands such as Radiohead & The Manic Street Preachers, the new single hints at influences from even progressive rock giants of the seventies.

Musically, the track is at the forefront of alternative rock with tinges of influential pop thrown in too. Bathed with gorgeous guitar tones filled with delay modulation and reverbs, ‘Come Alive’ rises from the ashes with a euphoric sounding arrangement destined to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Definitely hearing that Manics influence, the production isn’t as tight as hoped. The vocals feel like they just sit on top of the mix without blending between the instrumentation. Saying that, the performance is executed perfectly and everything you’d expect from the group.

I think for improvements, it would be to make the production slightly tighter to feel more like a polished studio mix instead of a live performance. If that’s what the band are going for though, then they’ve definitely hit the nail on the head.

Nevertheless – a gorgeous single with layers of potential!