We review the new single ‘Crown’ by Rumara

The second single from their forthcoming debut EP, ‘Crown‘ is Rumara’s gorgeous new offering. A delicate soulful performance that uses overlay ominous synths and jiving beats to tell a lyrical story of power and heartbreak, ‘Crown’ isn’t for the faint-hearted.

An electronic number that infuses pop and trip-hop elements sublimely, this track is certainly worthy of its own crown.

Spacious and ethereal, ‘Crown‘ demands you to listen to every pin drop of the track. The sort of track you’d hear in a blockbuster movie where there’s a huge break-up or anti-climax scene, you could even hear this being the next James Bond theme tune.

A ballad sent straight from the heavens, Rumara’s new single is cinematic and shimmers with darkness. Mesmerising audiences with their songwriting, Rumara are a duo who create electronic music through a fractured lens.

A gorgeous soundtrack to start or finish your day in the best way possible, ‘Crown’ is armed with sheer emotion. Around three-quarters of the way through, the track drops before jumping straight back in.

Dark-pop artists better be scared across the globe, the throne will be going to Rumara soon.