We review the new single ‘Deja Vu!’ by Jack Frohlich

Beginning with strange game-like starter screen music, ‘Deja Vu!’ builds into a strong contender in the indie industry. That’s a big statement in the world of indie seeing as there’s so much competition.

If you want to pursue the indie scene, you need good polished productions, charismatic vocals and transcending songwriting – Jack Frohlich has it all. Birmingham’s own Jack doesn’t hold back in the new single and dives headfirst into what seems like, a fantastic future ahead.

Feeling forever youthful, even if you’d hear it in 10 years time with potential grey hair on the horizon, ‘Deja Vu!’ is written from the perspective of looking down on people who are too engrossed by social media. If the Facebook blackout taught us anything a few weeks ago, it’s how dependent we are on socials.

Jack’s perception is the exact same as thousands across the globe, which makes his single entirely relatable. Infusing nineties inspired guitar tones with a diverse production that could easily fill a stadium, there’s nothing deja vu about this track – it’s original.

As mentioned, the industry is hectic and to stand out, it takes a lot of hitting certain criteria. ‘Deja Vu!’ speaks volumes because of its ironic message and thought-provoking lyricism.