We review the new single ‘Deserve to Be Loved’ by AL22

Deep house at its best, ‘Deserve to be Loved’ is the type of track that would drop in a nightclub and the whole dancefloor would be like sardines, waiting for the killer drop. As soon as the track drops around the 40-second mark, the wait doesn’t feel long. In a way, it does feel like the drop comes slightly early and could have built up better but AL22’s new single is best described as iconic.

A reflective pop anthem that is penned as a song to AL22, the melancholic single is coated with memorable hooks and deep lyrical content. ‘I won’t let anyone hurt you’ will be left being repeated in your head from this moment on.

Creating the track as an open, honest message to a past relationship, AL22’s new offering certainly hears the artist take his songwriting to the next level. Musically enchanting, this track deserves to be loved from head to toe.

Receiving praise from outlets across the globe and BBC Introducing, AL22 could easily get a support slot for artists such as Becky Hill or Rufus Du Sol – and you’ve heard it here first.