We review the new single ‘Down the rabbit hole’ by NAËVE

Groundbreaking project NAËVE is a band that doesn’t stick to your typical music guidelines. Armed with a big band musical style with elements of jazz and gypsy, we love how this group just don’t care what anyone thinks of them.

Staying true to themselves no matter what style or appearance they have, their latest release (which dropped 18th December) is a mixture of modern swing jazz blended with balcanic rhythms and gypsy jazz guitars – a sound that you wouldn’t think would work but does!

Instantly getting your feet tapping, ‘Down the rabbit hole‘ tells the story of how sometimes in our life we encounter people that try to dim our worth for their exclusive benefit. Going down the rabbit hole is an insight of when things just aren’t good – and this new single mirrors that perfectly.

Maybe not the happiest of stories, there is also a silver lining to share. Supporting celebrating our true selves no matter what, the new release reflects to always value your own worth and do what makes you happy.

Musically, the track is challenging and reminds me slightly of what you could hear in a Circus soundtrack.