Like something you’d stick at the top of your playlist to build up hype for a Eurovision party, ‘Empty Promises’ is a dark pop wonder with an EDM nature to its core. The latest offering from Carter Ray is armed with a contemporary production that feels slightly piercing at times but I love how it refuses to be ignored or pushed to the side. The ethereal piano line underneath the vocal melody is captivating and armed with a tone that gives the song a sort of ballad sound.

Representing the toxic narcissism and emotional manipulation that can sometimes masquerade itself as an alluring illusion of love, the message is, unfortunately, relatable.

We’ve all been there in some format whether it’s part of a romantic or platonic relationship. It’s how we bounce back that shows the true meaning of a person. For Carter Ray, it just shows that he bounced back just by writing a hit song. About remembering your self-worth and identity, the track stands out firmly because of its hard-hitting message and stunning instrumentation.

The unphased nature of Ray’s desolate vocals is armed with vulnerability yet confidence throughout every note. The melody is intoxicating and there’s no other way to describe it. It gets buried into your soul and before you know it, you’re singing the lyrics like it’s your mantra for the next week.

Enjoy this great video produced by Catie Loth of Vincent House productions, and directed by Carter Ray, Ossey James and Bird Vincent