We review the new single ‘Fever’ by Vincent George

Specialising in a hazy production, ethereal vocals and exceptional guitar riffs, we imagine stepping into heaven sounds exactly like ‘Fever‘. The latest release from London based producer and songwriter Vincent George was entirely self-produced in his bedroom during lockdown, built around an iPhone recorded downstroke guitar and 808s recorded in his kitchen.

The perfect example of you don’t need all the money in the world and the globe’s best producer to realise a well-crafted track, ‘Fever’ feels like an underground track you encounter that instantly makes you think ‘why on earth isn’t this in the charts?’

Telling the story about how your mind can quickly spiral out of control without having facts, the track details knowing warning signs and what works best for you at all times. ‘Fever’ feels like the perfect name for a song about anxiety simply because of its physical feeling too.

Musically enchanting from the captivating introduction, the trap-inspired single doesn’t stick to one specific style, and that’s what makes me like it even more.

Based on a repetitive chord progression, it would have been great to hear the track build into a different section that rounds off the musicality even further. Saying that ‘Fever’ will still leave you wanting more.

Heated and able to make you sweat while you dance around your bedroom, this needs to be heard by millions.