We review the new single ‘Fight’ by Huw & The Greater Good

Gentle yet powerful, Huw & The Greater Good’s new single may be delicate but the prominent Americana meets Folk-Rock track is certainly theatrical. Building into an epic ballad that will leave you singing the lyrics at the top of your lungs, ‘Fight‘ depicts the torments of recovering from an anxiety disorder.

Leading the way through the creative instrumentation, Huw’s vocals are soulful and are the type of vocals that you could hear singing any type of genre.

Fusing warm textured guitarists, powerhouse drums and vibrant synths, the track may be just over 2 and a half minutes long, but what it lacks in length, makes up for it in the arrangement.

Dynamically like a rollercoaster ride, the track captures the repetitive torture that so many now know of being imprisoned for months on end. After the past turbulent 2 years, I feel anyone can relate to this track in some way. It feels heartbreaking saying that, but it also feels like it’s all about unity.

Bringing people together in dark times, Huw and his band definitely are the greater good you need in your life.