We review the new single ‘Firefly’ by Alexander Joseph

Entering with a jiving beat that sounds like the offspring of an early noughties track from David Guetta, ‘Firefly‘ feels like an appropriate name for this glistening offering. The first of several collaborations between singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph and producer/DJ Rokuro, the track is an uplifting dance-pop armed with an empowering message. Detailing finding light in the darkest of times, firefly is a metaphor for someone or something that helps you through the turbulence.

Musically, the track feels like it was taken straight out of the noughties. Quite simple, the production definitely carries the performance further than it probably should have gone. If we were still creating music that would be described as the sound of ‘2008’, I think this track would be a hit.

Firefly features catchy electric guitar riffs and a driving beat, which fade in and out to make way for the acoustic guitar and vocals of Alexander to shine through in the chorus. Unfortunately, I feel like the sound of firefly has been done plenty of times before. Saying that, Alexander’s vocals are warm, and the production is something special.

Atmospheric and worthy of an add to your playlist.