We review the new single ‘Five times a day’ by Bara Karin

Swedish artist and producer Bara Karin is easily one of those songwriters you find that you instantly want to support from here on out. Back with gorgeous new single ‘Five times a day‘ – what’s that vital quote?

Having veg and fruit five times a day keeps the doctor away? Well, there’s another quote – listen to Bara Karin five times a day and we’re certain you’ll be happier.

Creating music that feels like therapy, Bara’s songwriting feels homely. Depicting life within the mental health care system in Sweden, the release may sound upbeat electro-pop, but its hidden message is somewhat sombre.

Musically, the track feels quite artistic and like something you’d hear Kate Bush create. ‘Five times a day’ tells the story of a young woman getting kicked out of a psychiatric residential youth facility – this story is not for the faint-hearted.

Simply a force to be reckoned with, this simplistic single is diverse and streams feminism throughout. What we love so much about this artist is her way of being serious yet also creating light-hearted humour that draws you in even further.