A darkly distorted bass line kicks this energetic and compelling tune off with a bang. The bass plucks away at your eardrums and ignites a wave of serotonin, drowning your brain in fuzzy rockand roll joy. 

The vocals are really clear which gives freedom for the talented vocalist to cut through the fast-paced drums and the fuzzy forest of the distorted bass line.

The decision to push the vocals to the front is effective and adds space to the song. It ensures that the high-octane repetitive instrumentals provide a sonic stage for the vocalist; it gives the song a nice contrasting effect which adds to the overall range of this thumping tune. 

This was a thoughtful and considered approach by the duo, especially when considering the theme of the song (a story of you and your shadow self battling out in an internal struggle, hence the name ‘Silhouette’).

Due to the subject matter and skilled lyricism, it is imperative that this be the main attraction of the track allowing the opportunity for the listener to hear, think and reflect on the lyrics. Contemplative songwriting and production choices, combined with the energetic instrumentals make for an extremely satisfying listen. I’d expect nothing less from this uber-talented, Sheffield-based duo.