We review the new single from Tris Puri – Braver

Braver’, the debut release from Tris Puri, serves us a slice of pure uplifting dance pop.

The London based singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer spent this last weird year and a half writing and learning to produce his own music at home. The result? A strong collection of tracks on Soundcloud, with this first official single pursuing the EDM route.

Definitely one to listen through headphones if you can – ‘Braver’ mixes buzzy synths, electronic distortion and string effects giving an ethereal otherworldly feel. A flourishing keys riff is laced throughout with reverbed clap effects and steady percussion keeping the tempo upbeat. It’s a catchy melody and definitely danceable.

Puri’s soft but sure vocals are layered to create a calming echoey vibe as he sings of channeling frustrations and overcoming his fears.

“I’m still scared / Oh I’m still terrified / Of the danger /
But I don’t care / Put my face in the fire / ‘cause I’m braver.. today”

After a difficult period for all of us, many will be feeling unsure of themselves and their future. ‘Braver’ is all about accepting your weaknesses, letting go and gaining the confidence to move forward. Perhaps inherently personal to the artist and his craft, but also incredibly relatable for others.

Running at just over 3 minutes in length, this track manages to be immersive, introspective and inspirational. A celebration of self-belief which Tris Puri generously gift-wraps in a dance pop parcel.

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