We review the new single ‘Frankenstein was the Monster’ by The Amber Bugs

Back with tongue-twisting Halloween infused contender ‘Frankenstein was the Monster’, this nostalgic indie-pop single deserves to be as huge as the Monster Mash. Clumsy yet still professional, The Amber Bugs’ new single comes just in time for Spooky Season.

Putting their own twist on the classic Frankenstein story, the London/Essex band state that Frankenstein’s creature was no monster, but the victim of a crazed scientist with bad intentions.

Somewhat apocalyptic and slightly political in areas, this track isn’t for the faint-hearted or the easily spooked. A gritting performance filled with layers of energy and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, The Amber Bugs may the Frankenstein story feel like it was released in this era. Musically residing in an indie-rock attire, the orchestral arrangement gives the track a stunning cinematic approach and even nudges genres such as ska and art-rock.

Fun-loving and featuring a stunning orchestral arrangement, this would be the perfect track for any Tim Burton Halloween movie.

Imagine this dropping while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas… goosebumps, right? Easily able to put their own twist on any Halloween story, The Amber Bugs need to realise a Halloween album – shall we start a petition?

In conclusion, this is a fantastic adventure through the realms of complexity.