9 o'clock Nasty


Straight in with an electric beat, the mood within this song is not what you expect. The production is polished, the vocals are not so much. That’s what makes it diverse and to me, easy on the listeners.

Lying somewhere between post-punk and alternative rock meets pop, ‘The Gastronaut is a direct song that’s not very obvious what it’s about but once you know, you can’t ignore it. Detailing what really is the best thing you can do with your mouth, there’s an explicit nature to this track and I’m not on about eating food… interpret that as you wish.

The band says that the song is the sound in their heads. It is what the voices whisper to us when we try to sleep.

I personally think it’s an earworm that is nested in everyone’s heads that hears it. The rhythm of the song is highly funky and energetic, and could easily make you move every muscle of your body to dance. It somewhat reminds me of a mantra that refuses to be pushed to the side. It will grip and grind, and feels like a cheeky number fuelled with attitude.

The only thing that seems confusing to me is the message coming out of the song – what exactly are they referring to? I see the title and automatically think gas issues after eating food – is that what they mean or something else?

Maybe it’s a question that shouldn’t be asked and you should just appreciate the music.