We review the new single from A Second Generation – Weird and Wonderful

With a huge throwback style, The Second Generation’s single, Weird And Wonderful is one of the stronger 80’s inspired singles of the year. 

Starting off with a very intense and pronounced synth that captures the essence of the song almost instantly. With a heavy emphasis on the gentle sounds and high pitched tones throughout the song, it makes up the vast majority of the single’s sound and carries an incredibly catchy vibe to it. 

The vocals are similarly harmonious and compliment the track perfectly, with pleasant harmonies and a strong performance for a male vocalist. A lot of this is to do with having a naturally high vocal range that fits perfectly along the gentle and almost lullaby-like tones of Weird and Wonderful. 

As far as other elements go, there are masses going on, which isn’t particularly a bad thing, we have some simple but much-needed drums for substance. Along with this are some interesting percussion pieces such as clicking and more obscure crashing of pans and such to give a nice edge. It adds plenty to the song’s strong vocal and synth elements that make up the bulk. 

A stand-out part though is the bass that carries a very disco and 80s pop style to it. Utilising a funk style guitar that is excellent and just subtle enough to not entirely steal the show. 

Overall Weird and Wonderful is a simple and to-the-point love song at its core, but it’s what surrounds that core that’s the truly wonderful thing. It folds in a lot of elements and matches them together into a  fantastic song that’s a joy to listen to.