We review the new single from Aaron Spencer – Fire Inside

Cumbrian-born, Liverpool-based Aaron Spencer brings the heat with his latest single ‘Fire Inside’.
After launching his solo career in 2020, the young musician has since released a tidy collection of tunes including ‘Where Are You Now?’ and ‘Incredible’ this year alone.

This latest track ‘Fire Inside’ is described as a letter to his younger self written during lockdown, the singer-songwriter further explained..

“The world stopped and my usual inspiration of going out, getting drunk and misadventures wasn’t there. I had to look inwards, as a result it’s my most raw and honest song.”

Still keeping to that indie-rock sound with thundering drums and Strokes-esque guitar riffs – Spencer lyrically explores his past vulnerabilities, reflecting on childhood trauma and how it helped shape him.
“They call it a broken home, but with a mother’s love he’s never alone”

The punchy upbeat pace and bold vocals (which feel more confident with each release) give this incredibly candid track a positive spin – it’s another catchy release sure to be a hit at gigs. Aaron Spencer has once again given us a danceable disco-indie banger with a heartfelt message – don’t be a victim of your past, ignite that fire within you.