We review the new single from Aaron Spencer – Incredible

An acoustic pop song about a long-distance romance. That doesn’t really narrow it down, because the list of songs like this are endless. This hasn’t stopped Liverpool-based artist Aaron Spencer from releasing his own song about the matter though. After all, it seems the point of music is to express your own feelings or perspective on a matter that everyone else knows. Out of this idea comes Spencer’s new single ‘Incredible’.

A pronounced feature of the song is the layers of unexpected percussive sounds, ones which Spencer said gave the song a ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ vibe. In a way I do hear this comparison, but at the same time I can’t imagine Mick Jagger pulling all his moves whilst singing this song.

Strumming acoustic chords, subtle basslines, and dreamy tremolo-laden guitars make up the rest of the backing which Spencer sings his story over. This story, as Aaron has explained, ‘’started off being a song about escaping the small town in which I lived, as more lyrics were written it developed into a story about a long-distance romance.’’.

This subject is a very dangerous trap of falling into clichés, but Aaron has impressively managed to dodge any that would make it overwhelmingly cringey.

It’s clear that Aaron can write a decent love song, but the one thing I think he needed was to just up the level of catchiness. Making it memorable is key. Any musician can write a love song, but not everyone can write a love song that will stick in your head afterward. I reckon if Aaron just nudged it up slightly, then you’d start to see him stand out from the crowd a lot more.