We review the new single from Abi Mia – Shadow

Emerging pop artist Abi Mia shares her latest offering, ‘Shadow‘ – a track that explores themes of empowerment and self-love. Stepping out of the shadows and taking centre stage, the elegant single is best described as an emotional ballad that everyone needs in their collection.

Inspired by Abi’s own life experiences, the track details what happens when selfless people give too much of themselves away and completely lose themselves. Detailing to always stay true to yourself, no matter what circumstance, ‘Shadow‘ feels like the perfect title.

This track feels like it could have been a commercial success in the noughties. Slightly outdated and not as imaginative as hoped for, it’s Abi Mia’s powerful vocals that steal the spotlight.

Recorded by Abi at her home studio, the track was further mixed, mastered by producer Ashea, and produced by Noah Lloyd. A stylish production that’s certainly polished, the soul-pop adventure is a reminder to be kind to yourself and others. After the past eighteen months, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be kind – you never know what’s happening behind closed doors.

Musically, the track is quite simple. The instrumentation states that simplicity is key and if there were more instruments, it would have spoilt the important message. What makes the track stand out is Abi’s connection with the story. You can hear how vital this song is for her, and being able to listen to her be honest with her fans is truly breathtaking.

Forget about the shadow, Abi Mia is a radiant artist that deserves to be the talk of the town.