We review the new single from Abz Winter – It’s Not Your Movie

Midlands singer-songwriter Abz Winter returns with a punchy new single this month in the form of ‘It’s Not Your Movie’.

Following up on February’s five-track EP ‘Just Wanna Be Me’, the young recording artist serves up a plate packed full of attitude in this most recent release.

Blending pop, punk, and soul – ‘It’s Not Your Movie’ is an upbeat flurry of biting guitars, a stinging drum beat, and effortless vocal delivery. Lyrically addressing a severe case of ‘main character syndrome’ – especially common in today’s society – Abz details the toxic and immature behavior of an individual who seems to make it all about themselves. “It’s not your movie / I don’t care what you’re saying”

Noted for her incredible vocals as a contestant on ITV’s ‘Walk The Line’ last year, the artist skitters from playfully rapid-fire to rich and soulful –and with the backing of rock-flavoured guitars, there’s a sense of fast-paced urgency and sass that cannot be denied.  

It’s that spunky attitude that gives this track a familiar feel akin to artists like Demi Lovato, Maisie Peters, or Mimi Webb. In fact, this track probably wouldn’t feel out of place on an Olivia Rodrigo record.

This close comparison perhaps demonstrates the singer’s influences and will surely appeal to many-a-listener. And while nothing drastically new, if this is the first you’re hearing of Abz Winter – it’s an incredible spark of track and one worth blasting.

Danceable, radio-friendly with a sing-along quality that’s too good to refuse.